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Anbar Al Ambre e Ashab Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7ml

Anbar Al Ambre e Ashab Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7ml

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The Mughal emperors took great pleasure in beautifying their surroundings with magnificent gardens, great architecture with lavish furnishings of fine imported woods, gold and silver. The interiors of the royal court were furnished with exquisite drapes of velvet and brocades, hand woven wall to wall rugs with sumptuous seating areas and intricately hand crafted screens for privacy and decor. 

The scenting of the interior was equally important, and Shah Akbar had sensers continuously releasing the scent of resin bakhoors, agarwood or ambergris into the court-halls. For personal beautification, perfuming of the body with sweet smelling attars was part of the daily routine, and rich scents were composed by the Shah himself. This practice created a flourishing distillation and attar-making industry, which was crafting complex scents from highly valued imported ingredients, such as deer musk, civet, ambergris, incense resins and sandalwood. 

A noble essence of times past... Anbar Al Ambre e Ashab

The Oriental rich aromatics of Mughal origin come together in this noble Mukhallat of sweet ambergris and royal amber. Veiling top notes of delicate blossoms of Bakhol and Magnolia opens the gate to warm spicy notes of Cinnamon and a hint of Clove.

A soft vanillic sweetness introduces the oceanic, slightly earthy-musky Ambre gris which complements the exquisite Amber beautifully... the character of the essence is highlighted by true Deer Musk and Civet, for longevity and strength. An intoxicating, lush essence fit for Royalty... offered as a scent-sational treat for your olfactory pleasure.

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