Ambergris Musk Kashmir Ultimate Natural Perfume 3 ml

Ambergris Musk Kashmir Ultimate Natural Perfume 3 ml

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Two classic scents intertwined... the intriguing Ambergris Musk Kashmir newly relaunched from the LaRoche Collection is truly a legend in the making.

Subtle Ambergris notes of earthy sweetness and oceanic freshness are underscored by the Musk of Kashmir in this much anticipated Mukhallat. The initial fragrance goes on with a refined, yet bold musky freshness, with a playful floral note making a whispering appearance to give way to a smooth, warm musky dry down that lingers on your skin for hours, and makes you go back for a second and third whiff only to notice the ever changing notes of this complex scent.

This is an enduring fragrance, rightfully so as Ambergris as well as Musk were known since Ancient times to act as fixatives, making essences long lasting and deeply fragrant. Indeed, this amazing attar is bound to settle once applied, giving subtle sweet reminders throughout the day. This scent is a given for Musk and Ambergris Connoisseurs' Collection of Treasures, and a wonderful afternoon to evening fragrance intended for men and women.

The AMBERGRIS MUSK KASHMIR ULTIMATE is the highest grade of this scent, deeply rich and longer lasting, intended for the ones that are looking for a heavier musk content and fuller ambergris flavor for a rich, 'gourmet' like, intense olfactory experience.

(Please Note: the style of the decorative perfume bottle may vary)

Ambergris (Ambre Gris, Grey Amber, Ambergrease, Ambra grisea) is an intestinal solid and flammable secretion produced by the male sperm whale. Giant squid, the favorite diet of sperm whales, contains indigestible beaks which irritate the stomach lining of the whale, causing it to secrete the waxy substance which serves to protect the digestive system of the whale and facilitate an easier passing of these hard objects. In fact, when this sticky mass is expelled from the sperm whale, it is not as vomit, which is the common misconception, but as waste.

Ambergris float is found in different shapes and sizes, and can be as small as 1/2oz (14g) or larger than 100lbs (45kg). Fresh Ambergris can be found in two different types, black, sticky-soft and tar like, or as pale white soft lumps with black streaks. This precursor to matured ambergris has a strong fecal smell, the closest for comparison would be scented cow dung. After floating in the ocean sometimes for decades the pungent odor will change considerably and cure by becoming earthy, sweet, seaweed-seawater (marine) like, reminiscent of tobacco or musty old wood; animal musky with a peculiar sweet odor unique to ambergris. Depending on the quality of the ambergris there can be a great variation in the fragrance.


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