King Burma Kyara Agarwood Oil Mukhallat / Arabian Oud

King Burma Kyara Agarwood Oil Mukhallat / Arabian Oud

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Made from Sinking Grade Agarwood - Pure Luxury of Unparalleled Quality


Made from the finest hand-picked Sinking Grade Agarwood pieces, Kyara is the true definition of divine luxury. The smooth texture and aromatic perfection of such a fine moattaq make it unparalleled when compared to others, highly intoxicating, with a lingering scent of rich Aged Oudh, which may last a day or two... enduring in a most pleasing way...

The Kyara is highly valued for its unique aroma, its awe-inspiring characteristics, and association with the Divine. Widely used among the religious scholars and sages of times past... Kyara is a genuine diamond - a must-have addition for the Oudh Connoisseur of the Finest Gems.


Agarwood oil is the core ingredient in Agarscents Bazaar's perfume oils, natural spray perfumes, solid cream perfume, and incense products. Agarwood is seen as an aphrodisiac when being burned as incense as well as in its oil form. Pure Oudh oil holds wonderful medicinal benefits and healing properties for the body and mind when inhaled or ingested. The relaxing, calming and spiritually uplifting scent of oudh is unlike any other essential oil, and whether enjoying a pure Dhen Al Oudh by itself or within the composition of other essences in a mukhallat (mixture). Oud oil, distilled from the heartwood, has great sillage and complexity as an essential oil and brings an incomparable refinement to perfumery when added to musks, ambergris and florals, and other woody scents.

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