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Kashmiri Kasthuri Incense Sticks 30 ct


Agarwoods Whisper, Spirit of Ages.
Times Past Scents, Present.
Whispers, Radiant Gifts, Lovely Wisdom."

Sharif LaRoche

Now at Agarscents Bazaar, we are introducing the new line of the Scent of Ages - unique and beautifully hand crafted Gourmet Incense and Bakhoor.

These exclusive 100% Natural Incense Sticks are made of pure musk Kasthuri highly pheoromonous. The scent of these double super incense sticks will linger in your surroundings after a long burning time of one hour, maybe longer. These are no 'Sai Baba' sticks...no cow dung and chemical compound drenched scented incense...we are bringing you high luxury at an affordable price. Meditative, balancing and thought envoking - natural incense of times past now present, and for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Try all the natural Scent of Ages series incense and enjoy, these Gourmet Incense Sticks are one-of-a-kind, made with pride. For the true Connoisseurs of Fine Scents, the Conscious and the Aware, sample the true Scent of Luxury - incense by any other name and without creative beauty is just scent on a stick.

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