Champaqa Royale in Black Musk 3ml in Perfume Pendant Bottle Necklace

Champaqa Royale in Black Musk 3ml in Perfume Pendant Bottle Necklace

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Champaqa Royale - high grade floral essence of Frangipani blossoms...

With a fragrance similar to Magnolia, this rare tree flower is only found in India, and is believed to blossom only during the night or early dawn. The spicy-sweet, exotic scent of these lush Indian flowers infused into Black Musk makes for a most intriguing and intense olfactory experience. Our spicy animalic Black Musk blends beautifully with the magical Champaca, underscoring the aphrodisiac properties of the blooms with a subtle sweet, warm muskiness and giving the fragrance longevity and strength.

For a unisex, intensely exotic, warmly musky Perfume with character and charm as well as sophisticated elegance, try Champaqa Royale as a sweet evening treat - olfactory satisfaction guaranteed...

***The Champaqa Royale comes in a light weight necklace perfume bottle pendant, which can be refilled at a later date. At the time of order, please state which color flask you would like to receive; gold or silver.***

Champa, usually referred to as "Nag Champa", the Indian scent mixture of herbs, spices, oils and sandalwood, is a Eastern tree which carries the "frangipani" flowers, which have a deeply sweet and intensely floral scent thought to attract snakes. The Indian word for snake is "nag", hence the name "Nag Champa". The scent of Champa lends itself beautifully for Mukhallats - exotic, floral blends with musk, woods and spices - conjuring up images of mystical Eastern Masters and the 1960's smokey nag champa incense filled atmosphere.

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