100% Pure Sandalwood Mysore D.S. oil 3ml-Natural Wood Perfume

100% Pure Sandalwood Mysore D.S. oil 3ml-Natural Wood Perfume

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Pure Sandalwood Mysore, also called "East Indian Sandalwood" or "White Sandalwood", is a beautiful and intensely spiritual oil. It has been pressed from ancient, old wood trees of India, and its scent profile and complex healing properties are un surpassable when compared to other sandalwoods. Our Mysore Double Super is smooth, softly pungent woody and is best appreciated when used by itself, but combines beautifully with other oils as well.

Long lasting and moisturizing on the skin, this soothing scent will comfort and relax the wearer, relieve headaches and stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Sandalwood Mysore is the liquid form of psychological and physical relaxation and bliss, and is loved and worn worldwide by men and women. We are pleased to offer this incredible scent, now introduced at an affordable price for all to enjoy.


Apr 23, 2014

"Where do I start? Not only is the sandalwood Mysore amazing, but the Egyptian musk superior, the three other samples, the incense( which I'm buying next, opium musk) and the sweet treat..you can't beat that! I craved the perfect oriental fragrances and you guys have them. I'm swearing off of commercial fragrances because they don't add up to the quality that you guys have. Thank you so much and I will be buying more in the future!"

Dec 17, 2014

"I love this scent! It's so pure and calming. This is perfect for meditation."

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