Royal Black Musk Ultimate-White Musk Gazelle Animalic-Kashmiri Musk (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

Royal Black Musk Ultimate-White Musk Gazelle Animalic-Kashmiri Musk (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

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Due to popular demand...
our Sample Combo Set of our most popular three Musks:

Royal Black Musk Ultimate 1ml
White Musk Gazelle Animalic 1ml
Kashmiri Musk 1ml

We are giving everybody the opportunity to sample our bestselling Musk attars in smaller quantities...for a limited time and 10% Off. We are offering Royal Black Musk Ultimate, White Musk Gazelle Animalic & Kashmiri Musk, three in 1, in a sample set. Uniquely different, and intended for use on different occasions, these musks are all slightly animalic, long lasting and have spicy rich top notes that make them stand out from the crowd..

Try them all now, in practical pocket sizes now at a discounted price!


The new Royal Black Musk Ultimate is amazingly rich and intoxicating! It goes on with a smooth, deep, earthy muskiness, accompanied with a veil of camphorous coolness, the inquisitive mid note likened to a gust of fresh ocean breeze that has trailed itself offshore into the earthy warmth of the jungle, ultimately cooling and sweetening the heat. This Ultimate is full bodied, balanced and bold, the complete package of Royal Black Musk.


White Musk Gazelle Animalic is a superb everyday afternoon and evening fragrance....recommended unisex. If you are a connoisseur of fine White Musk, then this is it. You will truly find this to be a true scent of the soul - a fine attar, most pleasing and exquisite to the ones who know fine aromatics... Please note that this musk is slightly animalic, and is an ancient, traditional scent with a hint of fine roses from the Istambul region.


Extremely rare and excellent quality Pure and Animalic. This Kashmiri Musk is highly fragrant and enduring, noted for its Sweet and Spice like tones. It's truly is a Gem of all Musks, Highly Pheremonous, sweet & musky, Provocative and Sensuous.

The Aroma of the Kashmiri type is captivating and mysterious, as for its Aroma is unlike unto anything else clearly a jewel.

Recommend Unisex; mid afternoon to evening fragrances...creating a relaxing ambiance and encourages healthy interaction.


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