Le Monde du Chocolat - Khalta "Ateeq" - Honey Honeysuckle Rose (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

Le Monde du Chocolat - Khalta "Ateeq" - Honey Honeysuckle Rose (3 x 1ml) Sample Set

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We are giving everybody the opportunity to sample our bestsellers in smaller quantities...for a limited time. We are offering Le Monde du Chocolat, Khalta "Ateeq", Honey Honeysuckle Rose, three in 1, in a sample set.

Uniquely different, and intended for use on different occasions, these scents are some of our most popular fragrances, suitable for men and women.

Try them all now, in practical pocket sizes at a price for all to enjoy!

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Le Monde du Chocolat

This exceptionally flavorful scent is Le Monde du Chocolat ("The World of Chocolate"); exclusive by the La Roche' Art Parfum Collection...Facinating, tantalizing and smartly composed aromatic elixir of the finest quality a French Arabian Gourmand with a subtle note of Chocolat playfully entertwined with fresh Iris Flower, Rose, sweet Vanilla and Pure Musk.
A True Oriental Treasure and a wonderful gift for someone who is looking for individuality and satisfaction.

Khalta "Ateeq"

A Mukhallat of Grandeur, deeply agarwoody, ambery and floral, with subtle notes of Pure Musk and Spice. Aged Oud, Moattaq of high quality ("Ateeq"), has been infused into the Khalta, for a sophisticated, clean scent of Eastern Splendor. Truly a masterpiece and a magnifiscent rich Oriental treasure...Note: This Khalta Ateeq is blended with my most favorite and most expensive rose - "Rose Taifi" from Taif, a city in Saudi Arabia. It is the most precious floral scent in the Gulf worn by men and women alike. Rose Taifi sells for $400.00 for 3ml of top quality and is known for its aggressiveness, its tenacity and its sure mesmerizing aroma. There is no other rose in the world like it...one would never guess that such a barren landscape could yield a treasure such as "The Rose Of The Desert" - Rose Taifi...

Honey Honeysuckle Rose

Another new, timeless Beauty from the Sharif La Roche' Collection of Exquisite Fragrances & Attars. Honey Honeysuckle Rose is reminiscent of times past; of bouquets of sweet meadow flowers in vintage vases. The top note of Classic Rose embedded in sweet Honey and fresh Honeysuckle, envelopes, and blooms into Elegance, Warmth and Sophistication.

The Rose, cherished and loved in the East by men and women, has a tender sweetness that is alluring, enticing and truly amazing. This fragrance is most enjoyable and would make a wonderful gift for someone special.

Try the new Honey Honeysuckle Rose and be swept away by its classic elegance and charm...

Recommend Unisex; mid afternoon to evening fragrances...creating a relaxing ambiance and encourages healthy interaction

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