Fleur de Cannabis Solid Perfume Natural Spray 7ml

Fleur de Cannabis Solid Perfume Natural Spray 7ml

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The exclusive French Arabian Art Parfum of the LaRoche Collection of Fine Fragrances are masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif LaRoche, Perfumer par excellence. Like famous masterpieces of art by the great artists of times past, Art Parfum is Scent-ful Art of unique quality, full bodied with rich texture, depth and sophisticated classique. Oriental notes of warmth, woodiness and Eastern spice playfully intertwined with the aroma of Classic French Perfumery gives birth to one-of-a-kind pieces of long lasting quality, individuality and irresistible charm.

A complex Mukhallat of tantalizing notes...this Art Parfum is curiously blended to blissful perfection...Rich Agarwood gives a robust base for the floral top notes, and brings out the depth and warmth of this scent. Cannabis Sativa, known for it's variations of spice and citrus like herbal grass notes, gives this fragrance life and attraction, embedded in a bouquet of sweet blossoms.

Undoubtedly, this is a scent of addicting qualities, provocative yet sensuous, a uniquely designed signature scent of the LaRoche Collection. For the Connoisseur of Art Parfum, this is a fragrance that will bring back fragranted memories of times past, indeed an essence of scent-sual delight and inquisitive beauty.

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