Dhen Musk Opium Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7ml

Dhen Musk Opium Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7ml

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Accompaniment to our French Arabian Art Parfum, masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif LaRoche, Perfumer par excellence...we are pleased to introduce Solide Parfum Naturel - exquisite, highly concentrated fragrances of depth and sophistication. These scent-sational Eastern essences are exclusive of the LaRoche Collection of Art Parfums, Ancient scents brought out into the present. Richer in scent and texture than Eau de Parfum, carefully composed as Natural Parfum Sprays with a high content of pure oil base, these treasured scents will be lingering on your skin for the whole day, leaving a most scent-sational soothing ambiance of complete olfactory pleasure. High quality essence in a small package - exceptional value now offered at a most reasonable price in a Connoisseur's Collection of Scents.

Exotic, luscious and sweetly musky, Dhen Musk Opium is masterfully composed with the delicately seductive scent from the Poppy flower and rich, dark Musk. The deeply mesmerizing pungency of Opium is enhanced by the Musk and comes into full bloom in Dhen Musk Opium...indeed an intoxicating and euphoric Art Parfum. A one-of-a-kind original of the Sharif LaRoche Collection of Fine Fragrances, bound to bring satisfaction to the wearer and the ones who come into his or her presence.

The Opium scent is comes from the Oriental Opium Poppy Flower (Papaver Somniferum), the name derived from the Greek and Latin meaning ‘sleep inducing’, referring to the (drug/medicinal) capabilities of the opium liquid within the poppy pod. There are a vast variety of poppies – the botanical family consists of 28 genera with over 250 different species in a multitude of colors and flower petal styles. The different colors have different meanings attached to them, in general the poppy symbolizes eternal sleep, imagination or oblivion, and was used at funerals by the ancient Egyptians to promote eternal life. The poppy also symbolize beauty and fertility, and specifically the red variety stands for pleasure, the yellow poppy is a symbol for wealth and success, while the white one is used to console. The poppy flower in itself is odorless – the deep, rich and sweetly pungent aroma of opium comes from the scent of the smoke emitted from the flower pod when it is burned.

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