Parfum de Cuir Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7 ml

Parfum de Cuir Natural Solid Perfume Spray 7 ml

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French Arabian Art Parfum, masterfully composed signature scents by Sharif La Roche', Perfumer par excellence...Like famous masterpieces of art by the great artists of times past, Art Parfum is Scent-ful Art of unique quality, full bodied with rich texture, depth and sophisticated classique.

Oriental Notes of warmth, woodiness and Eastern spice playfully intertwined with the Aroma of Classic French Perfumery gives birth to one-of-a-kind pieces of long lasting quality, individuality and irresistable charm.Velvet smooth black suade, the scent of a broken in fine lamb skin jacket softly caressing the softness of floral notes...Bold Musk rush to complete this extraordinary composition of Parfum de Cuir - for a unisex leather fragrance par exellence.

The Leather, earthy and natural, becomes the perfect back drop to pure Musk, Essence of Bayrum and Tuberose. After the initial scent of real leather dries down, one is left to enjoy the smoothness of musk and invigorating spices, laced with floral under tones. A true Classic in the making, offered exclusively by the La Roche' Collection. Designed to enchant, Parfum de Cuir is au naturel, raw and yet utterly sensual, curiously composed Art Parfum for men and women.

It has the perfect yin-yang balance - bold without being overbearing, earthy-musky without over shadowing the natural scent of leather, and with the careful infusion of sweet florals making the leather rich and supple. If you think you have tried them all...there is one more...Parfum de Cuir.


Feb 13, 2015

"Wonderful service and items! Very kind and generous seller. Highly recommended, I hope to buy more bottles in near future. I really hope you can also start selling samples and sample sets as there are many items with amazing descriptions in your shop and it would be the easiest way for buyers to find favourites. Thank you so much!"


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