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Soul of Rose "Ruh Gulab" 3ml Rose Floral Scents

Soul of Rose "Ruh Gulab" 3ml Rose Floral Scents

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...The Heart of the Rose

...with all its Subtlety and Beauty, Strength and Endurance... no other fragrance in the world can move hearts like that of the rose. Furthermore, the scent of this fragrance is not like any other rose -it is Soul of Rose, known to many as Ruh Gulab. "Ruh" in Arabic means the Soul, "Gul" in Farsi means flower and "ab" means water.

The Heart of the Rose... Soul of Rose derives its intoxicating and enduring scent from the steam distilled pure attar of Rose Damascus which has been infused in pure Sandalwood Mysore base.The sweet and floral, yet slightly herbaceous, earthy and warm scent has a well defined woody base note of pure sandalwood; this combination makes it such an appealing fragrance to all.

This fragrance is worn by men and women alike in the Middle East and South East Asia. A truly aromatic essence that is intriguing and heartfelt...

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