Shah-e-Hind Art Parfum 3ml

Shah-e-Hind Art Parfum 3ml

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Shah-e-Hind - spicy, bold, forceful, with layers of sweet Ambergris. A most sophisticated Mukhallat of Royal quality... floral freshness of Rose Otto and Moghul flowers which give way to the robust base of Hindi Oudh and Musk Kasthuri.

Fresh Ambergris is black, soft and tar like, with a fecal smell like scented cow dung. When this sticky mass is expelled from the sperm whale, not as vomit, which is a common misconception, but as waste, it will remain floating in the ocean for months, up to 20-30 years or more. During this time the ambergris will change, as the degrading and photo-oxidation by salt water and sun light will make it lighter, harder, smoother and stone-like. The pungent odor will change beyond recognition by becoming earthy, seaweed-seawater like, reminiscent of tobacco or musty old wood and animal musky with a peculiar sweet odor unique to ambergris.

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