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Mughal Gardens 3ml Art Parfum

Mughal Gardens 3ml Art Parfum

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... Lush & Beautiful

The ancient Mughal Gardens were constructed as a window into Paradise, with large fountains, pools of cooling fresh waters, and a vast variety of trees, bearing fruit or offering shade among pastures of wild flowers. Waterways were filled with Rose scented water and the white marble walls of the Pavilions were positioned to glow and sparkle with semi precious stones in the night moon light.

The Perfume of Mughal Gardens recalls the grandeur of the Past, bringing the scent-sations and decadence back in to the Presence. An intoxicating Art Parfum of complexity and sophistication, of richness and splendor... Aromatic notes of Exotic Blossoms in warm Amber and true Deer Musk, settled with fine Wood, Fruit & Spice... heavenly scent for your satisfaction.

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