Kasmir O Kasmir 3ml Classic Art Parfum

Kasmir O Kasmir 3ml Classic Art Parfum

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Kasmir O Kasmir; Agarwood, Frankincense, Rose, Clove, Zafraan, Seven Exotic Spice Blends.

Curious yet bold, enchanting and full bodied, this aroma's sensual top notes of Agarwood with warm and caressing mid notes of Frankincense and Rose leaves one to reminisce and then to be awakened suddenly by an aroma with a hint of clove. The base note cools the passion by an herbal aldehydic gesture of love and acceptance.

This sensual robust fragrance is reminiscent of a beautiful people and majestic landscape full of wealth and hope, beckons for peace and tranquility, freedom, grace and independence. If there is a paradise on earth, I would call out to her with a whisper

...Kasmir O Kasmir

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