Itr Navan Ultimate 3 ml Sharif Laroche Art Parfum

Itr Navan Ultimate 3 ml Sharif Laroche Art Parfum

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We appreciate and respect the beliefs of all peoples, and welcome everybody to our bazaars. Recently the perfumer received a special request to create a divine attar for the sacred ceremony of puja (worship). We feel honored to have been selected and entrusted to create such a precious attar of ancient tradition, intended to bring light and spiritual clarity to a moment of inner reflection and thought.

We found this request very compelling and wanted to make the bespoke parfum available for all, as the use of rare pure attars plays a part in various religious rituals and ceremonies throughout the world. The application of pure attars enhances cleanliness of the body, as the scent sets the peaceful ambiance of prayer and meditation, and aids the mind to focus for spiritual advancement to achieve inner growth.

Itr Navan - The Ninth Oil of Royalty... a distinctive, ethereal attar of character and sophistication, delicately composed with fragrant herbal, floral, earthy and musky inlays in an Essence of Bakhoor.

[For the ones who wish for a deeper, heavier Musk content please check out our Itr Navan Ultimate, 3ml/$220]

****Please Note: The Style of the Decorative Perfume Bottle May Vary Slightly****

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