Honey Honeysuckle Rose 3 ml-Rose Floral Scents

Honey Honeysuckle Rose 3 ml-Rose Floral Scents

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Another new, timeless Beauty from the Sharif Laroche Collection of Exquisite Fragrances & Attars.

Honey Honeysuckle Rose is reminiscent of times past; of bouquets of sweet meadow flowers in vintage vases. The top note of Classic Rose embedded in sweet Honey and fresh Honeysuckle envelopes and blooms into Elegance, Warmth and Sophistication. The Rose, cherished and loved in the East by men and women, has a tender sweetness that is alluring, enticing and truly amazing.

This fragrance is most enjoyable and would make a wonderful gift for someone special. Try the new Honey Honeysuckle Rose and be swept away by its classic elegance and charm...

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