Fruits of Paradise 3ml Sharif Laroche Art Parfum

Fruits of Paradise 3ml Sharif Laroche Art Parfum

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A heavenly blend of Agarwood, Green Tea-Ma, Musk, Kewra Flower, Five Rare Exotic Fruits and Spices.

The Journey awaits you ~ take the path to pleasure and enlightment and annoint yourself in this unique and bountiful blend of exotic fruits, herbs, musk and spice ~ use it sparingly ~ surely you will find this to be an intriguing Aroma. May it bring you positive light ~ subtle and sweet ~ tantalizingly citrus ~ clever and mysterious ~ exotic fruit blends.

This robust oil can be worn daily or as you desire. As a wise old friend related the words of an ancient mystic; "The longest journey begins with the first step".

So go ahead, and begin your first step towards the Fruits of Paradise.........

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