Champa Royale 3ml Floral Scents

Champa Royale 3ml Floral Scents

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...Essence of Spiritual Light

An exquisite Mukhallat of high quality champa, the finest Himalayan musk and ambar... sweet, deep contemplative and reflective, experience why this essence has been used for centuries as an essence of Spiritual Light.

Champa, usually referred to as "Nag Champa", the Indian scent mixture of herbs, spices, oils and sandalwood, is a Eastern tree which carries the "frangipani" flowers, which have a deeply sweet and intensely floral scent thought to attract snakes. The Indian word for snake is "nag", hence the name "Nag Champa". The scent of Champa lends itself beautifully for Mukhallats - exotic, floral blends with musk, woods and spices - conjuring up images of mystical Eastern Masters and the 1960's smokey nag champa incense filled atmosphere.

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