Bakhoor Zahra Femme 3ml

Bakhoor Zahra Femme 3ml

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Parfum Essences
in fine faceted flasks
shaped like an hour glass,
cautionlessly dropped essences
fragranted from the faceted flask

Layered upon
like a widow in her web,
which spurned the spirit flame
an yielded visions
of a facade of
multi colored leaves
in autumn's shower of leaves
in all her vibrant glory

The visions of times past
youthful bliss, now matured,
a measured gaze -
then silence,
mirrored reflections of me,
the facade, the parfum
and the trees.

Your Perfumer,
Sharif LaRoche

From the LaRoche Art Parfum Collection a line of Bakhoor Essences... now offering a Limited Edition Bakhoor Zahra Le Femme, a most enchanting fragrance intended for the ladies...Bakhoor Zahra...perfect balance of sweet and woody, spicy and rich...a decadent essence of Bakhoor.

This Mukhallat is for everyday wear, a scent on the sweeter side, yet with a deep base of Agarwood, spicy with floral notes of Lotus and Violet. A slightly feminine perfume that smells similar to the scent of sweet Bakhoor burning on charcoal, a perfect scent to wear and cherish.

This is a Limited Edition Scent for the Woman - treat yourself or give as a gift for a loved one.

***For Men, we also offer Bakhoor Zahra Homme, a more bold and woody Essence of Bakhoor. As rich and scent-sual as the "Femme", but composed with heavier oudhy-musky base notes. You may find Bakhoor Zahra Homme here:

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