Amber Fossil Mukhallat Art Parfum 3ml

Amber Fossil Mukhallat Art Parfum 3ml

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Limited Edition Art Parfum by Sharif LaRoche.

An ancient treasure from the time of the Moghul Empire, when using fragrances (attars) and incense was a part of daily life of Shah Jahangir and his court, for special festive occasions and religious ceremonies at the temples. Amber Fossil Mukhallat is a multi faceted art parfum with infusion of rare, natural oil of amber fossils of an age-old pinewood forest, which makes this multi faceted scent truly otherworldly, ethereal. This royal scent is boldly ambery, slightly musky-earthy, yet sweet and refined with exquisite notes of ceremonial Hindustani flowers of Kerala and Tamil and a hint of Zabad. A sublime companion to aide in spritual advancement and meditative contemplation... and furthermore an olfactory pleasure and delight to the wearer.

The word 'amber' is derived from the French 'ambre gris' (grey amber) or Arabic 'anbar', and was originally used to describe ambergris, a waxy solid substance expelled from the sperm whale. Grey amber - ambergris - was found floating on the ocean or washed ashore. Besides ambergris, another substance, ancient tree resin, which had become fossilized, could also be found on the shore and was being used as a resinous incense like ambergris, so the word 'amber' became used interchangeably to describe both. This Baltic Amber, called yellow amber or succinite, was also found worldwide in other areas besides the Baltic, such as in Mexico, Asia (Burma), Italy and Africa.

Amber, as a perfume or aroma note, is not the same as ambergris or yellow amber. The scent of amber was originally meant to mimic the uniquely musky sweet and earthy scent of ambergris, which was limited in supply. Amber derived from the tree resin does not yield much scented oil, therefore the scent of the fossil is nowadays recreated with a combination of scents. The warm, earthy, sweet and powdery scent we know as 'amber' is usually a mixture of essences or balsams, combined with or without the actual resinous oil of amber. As resins cannot yield an (plant based) essential oil, the oil of fossilized amber is extracted via dry distillation over high heat. This very rare amber is derived from Himalayan tree resin which is over 30 million years old. The scarcity of the amber fossils makes it a highly sought after commodity, and used in very limited quantities within perfumery.

Amber’s chief anabolic compound is succinic acid, an extraction when undiluted is most potent. However, there are risk in applications in its undiluted form, therefore it is most advisable to seek professional health and dietary experts regarding its potential use. It should be noted that dilution, a common practice, appears to carry equal benefits to the undiluted strength. The health benefits of amber resemble similarly with that of Musk Deer oil, in that both are soothing, reduce rapid heart beat, heart flutter and palpitations, calm the mind and open the heart to higher thought and meditation, spiritual reflection and balance. Curative properties of amber are internal and external - it is an antioxidant as well as antimicrobial, reduces scarring and aides in tissue regeneration, assists the function of the liver, and its topical use on damaged tissues are known to be that of a pain reliever.

Within aromatherapy, the scent of amber can provide relief to some mental or physical ailments and balance the inner systems within the body, when amber is burned as an incense or used as an oil for topical application or inhaled. In many cultures and beliefs, the metaphysical properties of incense and oils are used for spiritual guidance and to aid in focus for meditation and prayer, as well as in ceremonies and rituals to heal the body, pleasure the senses or as an offering for the Divine power. Amber is believed to have special 'mystical' properties within itself and its purifying, calming, yet stimulating effect is used for improving one's inner strength, self confidence and courage.

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