Dhen al Ambergris Grey 'Crude' 3ml Pure Ancient Anbar

Dhen al Ambergris Grey 'Crude' 3ml Pure Ancient Anbar

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Highly anticipated, the exclusive Dhen al Ambergris Grey 'Crude', pure ancient ambergris oil.

From fossilized embedded stones of ambergris comes the exquisite Grey 'Crude' ambergris oil, similar to the White 'Crude', yet higher in quality and complexity of scent character. These new pure ambergris essences are amazingly marine like, with a mosaic of notes of ocean waters, oxidized plankton and traces of animalic musky notes. A fresh aquatic breeze, cooling and invigorating, flows through to complete this ancient scent of the sea. This ambergris oil is intended for the lovers of true Anbar and the ones who are not taken back by the potency of it - this is ripe ambergris, deeply rich, with a poignant sweetly animalic base, quite unlike any other ambergris oils on the market. The scent is perfect for collectors of genuine ancient essences, for researchers and perfumers looking for true ambergris oil. In room temperature or below, this essence may settle in a semi-solid state - after warmed slightly it will liquify again.

The Dhen al Ambergris Grey 'Crude' Semi-Solid will include a complimentary vial of Rose oil to layer with for a more agreeable odor. The rose scent lessens the fecality of ambergris and attenuates it to a most pleasing level without altering its core essence. This was done in the ancient world with animal scents, as the complementing floral note would not alter the character of musk but act as a buffer. The core essence of ambergris is similar to that of musk. Against popular thought, all ambergris is not the same, it encompasses many varying scents - each rock will tell its own scented story.


Ancient Treasures of Ireland

Since ancient times, Ambergris has been collected and traded worldwide as a highly valuable and useful commodity - a powerful medicinal aid, prized perfume fixative and a incomparable gourmet ingredient in fine cuisine. Expelled ambergris are sometimes buried on sheltered beaches of undiscovered lands for ages, after spending decades floating on the ocean waters. These ancient treasures are found worldwide by fishermen, beach combers and ambergris hunters, not only on the Indian Ocean beaches, along the Pacific Ocean shore lines or along the African East coast. From the Atlantic seabed surface mature rocks of fine ambergris, mainly found along the South American shoreline and South African coast. A mostly unknown source of ancient ambergris comes from the shielded beaches of Ireland, where it has been commonly collected and traded for ages, but not officially recorded.

Due to glaciation over the Millenia, some stony beaches on the Irish coast are set in many levels, and ambergris is at times embedded in inaccessible crevices after substantially strong storms. “The Night of the Big Wind” (Oíche na Gaoithe Móire), which occurred on January 6th, 1839, was the heaviest storm that hit Ireland in 300 years, causing extensive flooding when the storm surge drew an enormous amount of sea water inland. It is popularly believed that this legendary storm may have caused not only the recorded massive damage to the lands and unfortunate lives lost during the night, also propelled invaluable pieces of ambergris to be trapped at high grounds in unreachable places.

. The ambergris pieces are sometimes as unique as the location they emerge from; “I will forever be amused by how a white piece can smell very animalic and a jet black piece can smell very highly perfumistic, in fact two black pieces have been exceptional… Generally we store the anbar graded by scent, with the colours often secondary. I often burn a little bit to get the concentrated scent which I really love.”


Fascinating indeed are the possibilities in regards to the individual pieces of anbar. Each piece has a story to tell, and will most likely be best understood by those who recall the past, and can relate it in the present.

~Sharif Laroche


, Ireland
The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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