Ambergris Reddish Brown Mukahllat Perfume 3 ml

Ambergris Reddish Brown Mukahllat Perfume 3 ml

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Ambergris Reddish Brown Mukahllat Perfume 

For the ones who remember the amazingly sweet Ambergris White Gold of 2006, when Agarscents Bazaar introduced the collection of Ambergris Essences, we are pleased to offer yet another most uniquely luscious ambergris - the fiercely addicting Ambergris Reddish Brown. 

The Reddish Brown is so smooth, deeply earthy, yet with an oceanic-animalic freshness that is so Ambergrissy... the rich complex aroma with the underlying velvety muskiness that lingers on the skin makes you want to go back for another whiff again... and again... and again.

The warm ambery color depicts the comforting, inviting essence beautifully - the Ambergris Reddish Brown is a Classic in the making, a true must-have for the Ambergris Connoisseur.

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