Bukhara 3ml-Agarwood Oil Mukhallat

Bukhara 3ml-Agarwood Oil Mukhallat

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Art Parfum
by Sharif LaRoche

In Sogdian language 'bukhara' translates to "successful area", and as Bukhara became an important trading point of the Great Silk Road, the city remains historically one of the greatest centers of Architecture, Trade and Commerce, Culture and Religion in the 16th Century.

Bukhara Art Parfum is a tantalizing Mukhallat which reflects the influence by this era of flourishing Cultural Exchange...

Imagine the intriguing scents of rich exotic Spice and Fruit of the Bazaars, the tanned handcraft of the Leather Merchants and dyes of the Textile Weavers...

waft the air and feel the deep smokey scents of Bakhoor and Oudh and hints of Exotic Flowers of the vast lands...

Bukhara, a unique scent of Opulence and Beauty...

Composed with care of flowing top notes of Opium, Rose Otto and Exotic Fruits, followed by a rich spice blend with notes of Cinnamon and Saffron...

The dry down is settled with a robust base of Mysore and Oudh, bringing the notes together to a complete full bodied Mukhallat of Extraordinary quality

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