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100% Pure Indian Red Musk 3ml

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100% Pure Indian Red Musk 

This is it, the absolute best red musk unparallelled. 

There is nothing on the market like it, its rarity & purity are unsurpassable. If you are in the market for Musk, then this is it. Distilled the old way, captures the therapeutic & medicinal qualities associated with pure red musk.

 Red Musk is slightly spicy, potent and enduring...the aroma kindles thoughts of love, peace and joy, stimulates healthy conversation, attracts positive energy & healthy interaction. 

The wearing of this majestic oil is truly an experience of un-comparable proportions...I am certain that this quality of musk has not been on market for the last 200 years...apply one drop, it will last the whole day, perhaps two.  

Notably benefits: Reduces heart palpatations, re-balances the internal environment.Note: It is a hot dry substance that brings comfort and joy to the heart and strengthens the inner organs when it is drunk, inhaled or smelled. 

According to Islamic Traditions; There are three things one should never refuse; A Pillow, Milk, and Oil/Perfume.

pure indian red musk 3ml